Have A Residential Or Commercial Property Damage Claim To File? Call A Public Adjuster Immediately. It's Free.

What your insurance company will offer.

What our public adjusters can get you.


If you ever experience property damage, a public adjuster can get you up to 750% more money than your insurance company will offer you.

The public adjusters at Claim Posse are just like defense attorneys; building a case with photos and estimates then negotiating with your insurance company for the correct amount of money you need to restore your property and life back to pre-loss condition or better. All without the initial retainer, because there are never any up front or out of pocket expenses. 

"We provide one of the most important services to the public in any industry so keep us on file just in case."

Property Damage Adjustment Claims That We Represent The Public For.

Top Public Adjusting Services For Condos, Co-Ops, Private Homes, Commercial Buildings & Even Apartments.

Property can get damaged easily but preparing a case to your insurance company and getting what you deserve isn't easy. If any of the damage listed above happens to you, contact a Claim Posse public adjuster as soon as possible, even if you have already spoken to your insurance company. We will help you claim your damage correctly so that you are well compensated for your loss.

Our Public Adjusting Posse Handles Every Step Of Your Property Damage Process.

Documenting all of the damage with hundreds of photos.

Completing and filing all of the insurance claim forms.

Recommending packing and storing companies.

Helping you establish temporary residency.

Recommending drying and debris removal companies.

Connecting you with reputable reconstructing tradesman.

Above are some of the main steps taken to prepare your insurance claim and reconstruct your commercial or residential property back to pre-loss condition. Other services that may be rendered are boarding up all access points, installing fencing or security systems, structural inspecting, emergency plumbing/electrical work, dry cleaning clothing and fabrics and actually restoring belongings. 

Florida Counties That We Service With Professional Public Adjusting Claims Assistance.


Orange County

Volusia County

Osceola County

Indian River County

Sumter County


Brevard County

Marion County

Seminole County

Polk County

Flagler County

If you experience property damage in any of these Florida counties, exercise your right to representation by calling a Claim Posse public adjuster.

When an insurance claim for property damage needs to be filed, people usually don’t have the time or the knowledge necessary to prepare and manage their own claim. Insurance companies are only required to pay out what they think is reasonable, based on what you, the policyholder provide them with. Not submitting the claim correctly can cost you thousands of dollars.

Public adjusters are the only category of insurance adjusting who work exclusively for the policyholder. We are well schooled in the procedures required by insurance companies when submitting a claim. This means being able to accurately determine loss values, which are almost always higher than what you think or what your insurance company will offer you.

Your "To Do" List ...If You Don't Use A Public Adjuster To Help With Your Property Damage Claim.

  • Photograph all damage and email them to your insurance company.

  • Complete multiple forms correctly on the 1st try.

  • Pack up all of your salvageable belongings and bring them to a storage locker.

  • Find and pay out of pocket for temporary residency.

  • Find and hire a property damage clean-up and restoration company.

  • Fight with your insurance company to give you enough money to pay for all of this.

2 Decades Of Orchestrating All Phases Of Property Damage Insurance Claims.
Ray Rossetti-Lg.jpg

Organizing and overseeing all of the many different phases involved in an property damage insurance claim is a daunting task. You have to be an orchestra conductor making sure that all of the various moving parts are lined up correctly. You also have to be like an attorney, preparing and presenting a case to an insurance company with evidence and proof.


Raymond Rossetti handles many types of property damage claims and negotiates with insurance carriers to get you a settlement that covers your expenses. He is a licensed and bonded Public Adjuster and has over 20 years of experience in the insurance business.

Raymond Rossetti

Founder, Claim Posse

Inside Info:

Ray has also worked on the other side ...for the insurance companies themselves. So he knows how they operate, how they low can ball claims and pay you much less than the claim is actually worth. He decided to jump ship and become a Public Adjuster. To be on the helping side and assist businesses and homeowners obtain everything they are entitled to under their insurance policy.


Trust Ray to maximize your property damage claim. He is one of the top licensed claims adjusters in all of Florida.

Get What You Deserve From Your Insurance Company With A Claim Prepared By A Public Adjuster.

Don’t let the Insurance companies undercut what your claim is really worth. Never use their claims adjusters. They work for the insurance company, not you. You have the right to hire your own representation.


We have years of experience in preparing and filing all types of claims and have restored all types of property damage.


Keep our info on file, we are like a free insurance policy to use in an emergency.